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1 Jan 15 Axiom for 2014: Get ready to roll out twenty times the nut paste expected

1 Jan 14 Axiom for 2014: Eliminate slogans

1 Jan 13 Axiom for 2013: On foot! As with life itself.

1 Jan 12 Axiom for 2012: Awareness of alternatives.

1 Jan 11 Axiom for 2011: Beware a specious sense of continuity.

11 Nov 10 Happy Corduroy Appreciation Day

22 May 10 The Page + The Screen: An Annotated Bibliography for 21st Century Readers (with The Public School New York)

10 Feb 10 Big & Small Bookmaking class 8–10pm at Trade School, 139 Norfolk Street, New York, N.Y.

23 Mar 10 Magazine subscriptions now available

31 Jan 10 A collection of pieces cut out of Maatwerk…

1 Jan 10 Axiom for 2010: Within relativity, discrimination

12 Dec 09 Brief Accounts of Tragic Film Plots: Seven Years of Scandinavia House Film Programming

7 Jul 09 Festival to Plead for Skills

21 Jun 09 Zine and Small Press Shindig 1–7pm at the Ding-Dong Lounge, 929 Columbus Avenue, New York, N.Y.

4 Apr 09 Nature vs. Culture

5 Jan 09 Axiom for 2009: It's a Matter of Style

19 Dec 08 Day of the Serial Epic

20 Sep 08 Behind a table at the Boog City 5th Annual Small, Small Press Fair, 152 Ludlow Street, New York, N.Y., from 11am to 5pm

15 Sep 08 Pomes for 5 Seasons

16 Jul 08 New York Sans Temps Morts

22 May 08 Biking the U.S. of Awesomeness

20 Jan 08 Eve of St. Agnes

Axiom for 2015
Get ready to roll out twenty times the nut paste expected

A collection of pieces cut out of Maatwerk…

A project of Reinaart Vanhoe and Nele Vos with contributions by Hans Bossmann and komt/nu/voorbij. Follows the exhibition “Maatwerk” which took place in ‘PAKT,’ Amsterdam in 2008.

Loosely fitting could be a description of this newspaper. Whether it sounds positive or not, it is a fact. As factual as our surroundings are setup. … All seemed to be subtle and opinion-less… That is the strength of the work of Vanhoe. He infiltrates the hierarchy of our thinking without being illustrative, carefully carelessness.
Reinaart Vanhoe